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FOREX - Foreign Exchange Currency Trading

What is it? Learn more about Foreign Exchange Trading


Get paid to surf! International Programs
(for German/Austrian Programs click here!)

get paid to surf get paid to read e-mails / answer surveys webmasters make money boycott scams Get paid for being online when you have downloaded and started the cashfiesta-bar. They pay 8 referral levels deep, and you can increase your payrate by signing up for special offers. - another good choice As with the other programs, you download a program that displays banners on a small bar (the Cashbar), and you get paid for watching the ads when you are online.
And you get paid 10% for your referrals as well.
The minimum pay-out is USD 20,- for US residents, and USD 40,- for international users.


Webmasters earn money


The best way to earn some money is to have a website and sign up for affiliate programs - people buy all kinds of stuff online, and you get some commission when they are referred from your site. If you have a website check out some of this affiliate programs - it's free to sign up! You just put up a banner or text-ad and wait for visitors to click and buy. Be patient, it may take some time - but after you have put up the links or banners, there is no more work for you - so you have nothing to lose!

chitika Top Program Tip! chitika offers unqiue eMiniMalls for your website. Promote products and earn your referral fees. Sign up with chitika! They pay monthly by paypal - very reliable!
  Sell links on your blog with inLinks. You have control over which ads are published on your site, and they pay by Check, PayPal, or Payoneer.
  Show text-ads on your Website or Blog with BidVertiser. 
IndiePix   Join the IndiePix Affiliate program and help sell Independent Films. IndiePix offers a new Download-to-Own Technology where you can download films and burn them on DVD. Sign up with the IndiePix Affiliate program!
forex affiliate Forex Affiliate - Earn over $10,000 USD per referral. Join the Web's leading affiliate program. Registration is free and simple. one of the top singles dating sites on the web, and they pay high referral rates to their affiliates - not to be missed, one of the best affiliate programs with good traffic conversion - and the theme fits on nearly every website! sign up now!
allposters The Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website. All you have to do is place links on your site to When your site visitors click on your links and make purchases at, you earn 25%-30% of the sale. Sign up today!
contactanycelebrity This is the program for celebrity webmasters! contactanycelebrity provides contact information for over 50,000 celebrities and features a fully-searchable online database where Members can search by name, address, city, zip, and more. When you refer a new member, they pay you 25% of all new signups plus 25% per recurring transaction! Sign up now!
Visit When you have a website, you can join the affiliate program to sell posters - just sign up, get the html-code and include it in your website - and start earning money.
AdBrite Sign up and enter your website details, get a piece of html-code to place on your website - and get paid per click on the ads that appear there!
Online Pharmacy Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program - sell viagra on your website and earn commissions. Sign up here.

Answer Surveys

Fill out a profile, you will receive surveys - answer them and get rewarded for your opinion.


Crowdology Paid Surveys UK
Earn money and have fun with Crowdology paid surveys. Genuine paid surveys with monthly prize draws

How does that work?

You will receive advertising by e-mail, and typically have to click on a link to check out a website, and confirm with either your e-mail address, your username or password that you have actually visited the website to get paid

SAC Affiliate Program: Earn money surfing, receiving e-mails, referring friends, and in many other ways!




Boycott Get-Paid Scams, a site which has, since 2001, been devoted to helping its visitors avoid "get-paid-to..." scams online.


German & Austrian Programs als Startseite einrichten und dafür Geld verdienen - und mit der Cashbar surfen - außerdem gibt es auf Wunsch noch emails, für deren Lesen man bezahlt wird, und natürlich kann man auch andere Benutzer werben und verdient dann extra. Online Geld verdienen mit als Startseite einrichten und auf sechs verschiedene Arten Geld verdienen:
Durch das alleinige Aufrufen der Seite
Durch das Klicken auf sog. Powerlinks
Durch das Werben neuer User
Teilnahme an den Lose/Coins Verlosungen
Teilnahme an der Lotto-Tippgemeinschaft.
Handel mit klamm-Losen (extern)
Jetzt bei anmelden und online Geld verdienen
Natürlich kann man auch bei Freunde werben und so etwas mehr verdienen!


Woher kommt das Geld?
Das Geld kommt von den Firmen, die die Werbung schalten. Bei der Anmeldung gibst Du Deine Interessengebiete ein, und die Werbung kann daher recht zielsicher geschaltet werden - weniger Streuverlust für die werbenden Firmen! - ein Teil der Werbeeinnahmen wird an die User ausgeschüttet.
Welches Programm ist das beste?
Das kommt darauf an - jedes hat seine Vor- und Nachteile.
Wieviel kann man verdienen?
Für ein neues Auto wird es nicht reichen ;o)
Aber bei regelmäßiger Benutzung - und vor allem durch das Werben neuer User! - kann man sich zumindest die online-Kosten finanzieren, und vielleicht noch ein bißchen extra!
Freunde werben
Um wirklich gut zu verdienen, ist es wichtig, Freunde zu werben.
Entweder per mail, oder mit Werbebannern auf der eigenen webpage.
Wenn Du angemeldet bist, findest Du bei allen Anbietern einen Link, den Du als e-mail verschicken, oder auf Deine Homepage stellen kannst - meldet sich jemand über diesen Link an, ist er von Dir geworben, und Du verdienst zusätzlich!


Willst du immer informiert sein und damit auch noch Geld verdienen? Dann mach mit bei, der Werbe-Community der ganz besonderen Art. sorgt dafuer, dass du ganz gezielt selbst ausgewaehlte und ausdruecklich gewuenschte Werbung erhältst und für jede erhaltene Werbung eine Gutschrift in bar erhältst. Interessiert? Dann melde dich einfach an:
Nach deiner eigenen Registrierung als Mitglied erhaeltst du deine persoenliche ID-Nummer von So verdienst auch du mit jedem weiteren geworbenen Mitglied bares Geld. Mit jeder Person, die sich auf deine Empfehlung hin bei anmeldet, verdienst du EUR 0,50. Also: Je mehr Freunde, je besser! Jetzt hier anmelden: Willst Du mit Deiner Meinung die Trends von morgen bestimmen und dabei noch bares Geld verdienen? Dann melde Dich bei an - nimm an Meinungsumfragen teil und kassiere die Belohnungen!



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Affiliate Showcase
sign up for Affiliate Programs to earn money

What is it about?
You can make cash for just being online and surfing the internet with this programs - NO hidden costs for you, NO need to buy anything, NO need to enter any club, it's really just surfing and getting paid for it!

How does it work?
You download a program that will show an "adbar" on your computer that will display various advertisements. Most of them will track if you are actively surfing (moving your mouse, clicking, using your browser), some of them only demand to be online, but not necessary to surf the internet.

How much money?
You won't be able to stop working and waiting for the cash pouring in from alone. But you can make a little extra income - especially when you refer friends. When you refer friends, you get paid for their online time, too - and when they refer more friends, you will get paid for them being online, too! There is a difference in referral levels between the various programs.

Why would anybody pay you "money for nothing"?
Where does the money come from.Simple - the money comes from the companies placing the ads in your advert-bar. When you sign up, you will be asked for your interests, and the ads will correspond to your interests then. So you are a "quality viewer" of the ads, and companies are paying for that (compare that with a TV-spot - millions of people are watching, but only some of them are really interested in the spots)

What is the best program?
That depends on what you want, how long you are online - check below and find out which program suits your needs best!

Affiliate Defender
Great software and eBook for affiliates - Affiliate Defender - let you avoid losing thousands in stolen commissions in less than 5 minutes.



What's the secret to really earn money with these programs?

The most important thing to do is to get referrals!
How do you do this?
Either you build a webpage to promote the programs you signed up for, or you let somebody else do the work and join BuildReferrals for free.
There you get your own website (and it's a website!), free e-mail, information about paid-to-surf programs, and you will make referrals - all for free!