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Tombraider - Lara Croft Model

Nell McAndrew

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nell mcandrew lara croft

Nell McAndrew as Lara Croft

Real Name: Tracey
Date of Birth: 6th November 1975
Occupation: Full-time Model
Star sign: Scorpio
Vital Statistics: 32d-25-36
Hair: Natural colour is brown. Blonde at the moment - changes all the time!
Eyes: Green
Favourite Food: Anything Italian
Favourite Drink: Red wine
Favourite Clothes Shop: All of them! (Favourites include Diesel and William Hunt)
Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting undressed before realising the window cleaner was there!

The original Lara, is a digital character, unable to leave the confines of the electronic world. So to involve her even more with her fans and expose her to the world in the flesh a human stand-in was needed. There have been several models who all did a great job at playing and looking the part, but this latest beauty is the cream of the crop. Her tall, busty figure, athletic build and European accent make her the perfect 'real-life Lara'.

lara croft model nell mcandrew


nell mc andrew - lara croft model

The previous Lara Croft model Nell McAndrew is in Playboy for August (8/99).
Core, the producer of the popular game «Tomb Raider» had to take Playboy to court to prevent a unwanted connection between Lara Croft and the nudie magazine Playboy.
Lara Croft has in three editions of the bestseller game «Tomb Raider» been synonym with big tits, though in her digital form she is not nude.
Playboy wanted to publish her as just that with the former Lara Croft model Nell McAndrew. The British High Court ruled that the Playboy could not use the Tomb Raider connection with Nell McAndrew, and that these pictures where harmful for Core and for the game.
Further, the judge barred the magazine from using the Tomb Raider logo next to nude pictures of a model. Core have told, according to BBC, that Playboy did not get any permission to use their logo, but the magazine wanted to do as they pleased anyway. Playboy was ruled to cover up both the front page and inside the magazine with stickers.
Core also alleged that Playboy (who have been on their high morale horse in other connections) had breached its copyright, a charge that will be decided at a later hearing. The ruling came after Core claimed that Croft's image would suffer by association with Playboy.
That's also bad news to all models who have been nude in Playboy and later have wanted to be play the fictional star of the game in the forthcoming movie. In fact it could be said that any connection with Playboy is the worst thing a model could do for a future in the movies.

Nell McAndrew | Gallery | Video

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